My god! That's interesting!

Now, having been away hiking in mountains for the last three days, I don't find it as exhilarating to have internet access again as I thought it would be. The world has not moved forward as much as I hoped it would have. I, on the other hand, have moved quite a many kilometres forward, and to prove I'm not talking (writing) bollocks, a picture of my beautiful, newly accumulated blisters.

And to think, this picture doesn't even do them justice. Let's take a closer look.

Now THAT'S interesting! No. (What is it with girls taking pictures of their feet?)

We'll take a look backwards instead, to when my feet were blister free and my face not covered in mosquito bites (but rather some slight acne) and the sun was shining.
Behold! Outfit number two.



Can you tell I'm a fan?



Used to dislike wedges. On me that is. And on many others for that matter. Now, somehow, magically, I want them. Just shows how susceptible I am to influences from the outside world, i.e. other blogs (and magazines, and shop windows, and the rest of the bloody internet). I never actually wear heels in my every day life even though I own several pairs, I wish I dared to wear them more. Like this girl (yes, I realize her shoes generally look nothing like the ones on the picture below). It's good blog, hers. Read it.

all shoes from asos.com, and mostly at very delectable prices


Oh, sod it...

My original plan was that this blog would contain witty, yet interesting comments on, ehm, life, and such. That won't happen. Instead it will become one of those blogs that aren't really about one spesific topic, but rather several topics the writer finds worth writing about. Unfortunately, one of these topics is fashion. Yes, this is yet another blog that will contain pictures of what I'm wearing, what I like, what I want, though not necessarily fashion stuff. Hooray.

Anyway, here's what I wore the other day while jumping up in the air, on the pier.