I have a thing for boxes. Big and small and round and square, in bright colours and interesting patterns. Recently I discovered that I could make them myselves. To get them sturdy enough you generally need paper somewhat stiffer than regular printing paper. Old magazine-backs and -covers are a good alternative to buying cardboard and the boxes become more interesting as well. Used some in making of Christmas presents this year.

I have a specific plan for these boxes. If I can be bothered I'll post pics of the finished project.



What's your craze nowadays?


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has come and gone, as usual not reaching up to its expectations. It has been a good night but it will never again reach the feeling of anticipation you got when you were a child hungrily eyeing the presents under the tree. Sometimes, being a so-called grown up sucks. Other times you remember the really shite-arse childhood memories and realise that pretending to be a grown up is better.

To me, Christmas Eve is not the highlight of the season. It’s planning and finding and making and wrapping and giving presents to everyone else.

A project that this year has taken a long time to finish but the result was great! I wrapped everything up in newspapers and red ribbon this year, pretending to do so out of environmental causes, but in reality I’m just being stingy, saving money where I can. Spending the saved money on myself instead. We’re all just self-centered wankers. Feck us all, and happy new years as well!


Rocks and cocks

I'm trapped at the study hall for another four days until I can enjoy the freedom of the Christmas holidays. My last exam is maths (numerics and transforms and PDE and ODE and WTF), but as you know, my unfaithful readers, my heart is made for stone.

Norway's national stone is larvikite, a beautiful black-blue dimension stone that I hope to one day have as my kitchen countertops. It comes in both lighter and darker varieties, as seen in the pic below.

However, a newly started norwegian sex toy company, Laid, figured they'd make a larvikite dildo... Right...


I have to say, it looks to be of very good craftmanship and I'm almost (note the almost) tempted to buy one just to keep it on display on my mantlepiece, if I had a mantlepiece that is.


# 1

Fridge magnets are fun


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear oh me what a bad blogger I am....

December 1st today, haven't visited my own blog since October. Feck. I see I've been sent an award by Ingrid Riddervold (Again, this happened in October. Again, feck.) and her lovely blogalicious. Now this is a girl who can sew! (Damn her, jealous) Aaaanyhow, I'm supposed to now say seven things about myself. Ok

 1. I like rocks. And minerals. I find them interesting. So interesting I plan to make a career out of them.
 2. Squash is fun. Especially with people like himher and her.
 3. Flea markets are the best.
 4. I'm a slave to the television, or more specifically to tv-series downloaded from the magnificent webalicious. Examples would be Gossip Girl, House M.D, QI, Mad Men, Sex and the City, True Blood
 5. My favourite animal is rabbit (and hare).

6. My hero is Roald Amundsen, first man on the south-pole, though I sometimes wonder if I'm a reincarnation of Robert F. Scott in terms of not-so-wise decision making.
7. Fashion baby!

Okay, sending the award to Sir Bob, challenging him to write the answers in a post that is shorter than the Paleozoic era, for once.

See you in another two months....


Saturday night

Listening to Julie London suits a particularly windy Saturday evening. I’m home alone after a long day at work. And I’m brewing some sort of a cold, been doing so for the last week. Also fitting, considering it’s October. It’s beautiful outside these days, the trees are the same colour as the back of my sore throat.


Saturday night calls for a drink. I’m no fan of curing a cold with whiskey, simply, because I don’t actually like whiskey. No chance of getting it down.
But! A friend/colleague of mine has a remedy of her own: garlic, fresh pineapple, and lots of green tea. I didn’t have any fresh pineapple in the house though. But I did have garlic, and a few other things.

I had garlic, orange juice, lime juice, sweet chili sauce, chili powder  (not in the picture), and frozen blueberries. Let’s put them all together in a blender.

Tadaa! I have invented the garlic-lime-chili-blueberry-smoothie! Time for a taste. I thought maybe it would taste better served in a pretty glass...

...with a candle in it. (I was out of colourful umbrellas)

Surprisingly it didn’t taste bad. Sort of like liquid thai food, with a bit too much garlic in it. I drank two full glasses. No problemo. (Anything involving blueberries inevitably becomes messy though...)

Throat and cough are slightly better, I’ll wait until morning to give the final verdict on the garlic-lime-chili-blueberry-smoothie’s effectiveness.

Edit: I spent the rest of the evening burping up garlic taste. Sunday morning: my coughs are sort of slimy, but all in all I'm in good shape. Success! Sort of...



I have a list of things to blog about. I'll be surprised if any of them ever reach the webalicious. Feck those ideas (no, I did not misspell that, "feck" sounds much better than "fuck", at least when spoken by Dara O'Briain), instead I'll give you what I've learned today. This way you can learn something too, useful or not. Probably not, but hey, maybe it will serve you as a conversation starter at some point.

1. There's a guy in my mineral ore deposit class that doesn't like peppers. Or at least not the red ones. He picks them out of his salad.

Picture of red pepper. All text and no pics makes post less interesting to start reading, i.e. cheap trick. And bad grammar, I know. Feck off.

2. January Jones, also known as Betty Draper, maiden name Hofstadt, wears contact lenses. You can see the edge of them on her eyes in Mad Men, season 3, episode 5. I discovered this myself only half an hour ago (or there abouts).

Hooray for the revival of the suburban housewife with a problem filling up her time!

3. Friele's new ice cappuccino tastes like fermented sugar, gone bad. (Friele, it's just an opinion. That's how it goes when you hand out free samples.) I figured no picture would be the polite thing to do here.

Btw, let me know if I've done something incorrectly considering use of pics and linking. I'm no good at knowing what to do there.


So immature, but yet oh so fun. *snigger*

The european shag

Mistle thrush

Green woodpecker

Long-tailed tit

Great spotted woodpecker

Song thrush

Great tit

Coal tit

Let us add one more species, though this be no bird. Behold, it is the
photo by Anders Todal Jenssen, from here
All bird illustrations are from the Royal Society for Protection of Birds

(En liten oversettelse: thrush betyr både trost og underlivssopp)


Miu Miu collar

The Miu Miu spring 2010RTW collection was gorgeous. Cute prints of pussy cats, swallows and naked women (suspicious combination if you ask me...) combined with sequins, fabrics in blue, black, white and red. My favourite piece:
Picture from norwegian Elle 4/10
My point is, anything Miu Miu would be too expensive for me. Therefore, a little DIY project resulted in a couple of collars instead. I rarely end up actually wearing things I've made myself, or partially made myself. But these turned out quite well.

My inner narcissist shining through again

And by the way, I did not come up with this idea myself. Someone else did, don't remember where I saw it. No idea is ever original.


I reject your reality and substitute my own

Yes, mine. The flaunting of newly acquired treasures can begin. Newly meaning this summer which now is at an end. I could smell the fall this morning. I think winter will come early this year. (When winter has still not arrived come December, one might find that last prediction modified to "winter will be late this year, fall will be long".)

Shoes and clothing. Second hand and new (notice that I am not saying vintage. More on that later). The grey tassels are attached to a bag that mostly just goes by the name "elephant pouch" or "elephant scrotum".

Oh, baby! How I love these:

Leopardprint wedges. Light as an empty butterbox. My feet have never before worn high heeled shoes as comfortable as these. (The Manfriend I live with hates them. I have to keep telling him that wearing animalprints does not a russian hooker make.) And they make me six feet tall.

Slight redecoration of living quarters has taken place this summer, changing of cushions on couch. Feeling espescially proud considering I have sewn four of the cushion covers myself. The bottom three ones plus the green one with dots. I suspect that Manfriend might find the cushions a wee bit too feminine.


My god! That's interesting!

Now, having been away hiking in mountains for the last three days, I don't find it as exhilarating to have internet access again as I thought it would be. The world has not moved forward as much as I hoped it would have. I, on the other hand, have moved quite a many kilometres forward, and to prove I'm not talking (writing) bollocks, a picture of my beautiful, newly accumulated blisters.

And to think, this picture doesn't even do them justice. Let's take a closer look.

Now THAT'S interesting! No. (What is it with girls taking pictures of their feet?)

We'll take a look backwards instead, to when my feet were blister free and my face not covered in mosquito bites (but rather some slight acne) and the sun was shining.
Behold! Outfit number two.



Can you tell I'm a fan?



Used to dislike wedges. On me that is. And on many others for that matter. Now, somehow, magically, I want them. Just shows how susceptible I am to influences from the outside world, i.e. other blogs (and magazines, and shop windows, and the rest of the bloody internet). I never actually wear heels in my every day life even though I own several pairs, I wish I dared to wear them more. Like this girl (yes, I realize her shoes generally look nothing like the ones on the picture below). It's good blog, hers. Read it.

all shoes from asos.com, and mostly at very delectable prices


Oh, sod it...

My original plan was that this blog would contain witty, yet interesting comments on, ehm, life, and such. That won't happen. Instead it will become one of those blogs that aren't really about one spesific topic, but rather several topics the writer finds worth writing about. Unfortunately, one of these topics is fashion. Yes, this is yet another blog that will contain pictures of what I'm wearing, what I like, what I want, though not necessarily fashion stuff. Hooray.

Anyway, here's what I wore the other day while jumping up in the air, on the pier.


Yes, yet another blog

Does the www really need another blog? Do I really need to dye my hair? No, but I do from time to time anyway, especially when the expenses aren't on me.

Being just yet another blog, inevitably, whatever I write about, take/make pictures of, link to, or try to convince you about, someone else on this www will be doing a much better job than me. I will accept this, and move on (I'm feeling the chi filling me up already...).

Be aware that the posts of this blog will contain text. Text often involves reading, which might not always be very fun, though at times necessary, but no one is forcing you to read this blog.

Welcome. It is possible that I might offend someone at some point. Take offense.