Yes, yet another blog

Does the www really need another blog? Do I really need to dye my hair? No, but I do from time to time anyway, especially when the expenses aren't on me.

Being just yet another blog, inevitably, whatever I write about, take/make pictures of, link to, or try to convince you about, someone else on this www will be doing a much better job than me. I will accept this, and move on (I'm feeling the chi filling me up already...).

Be aware that the posts of this blog will contain text. Text often involves reading, which might not always be very fun, though at times necessary, but no one is forcing you to read this blog.

Welcome. It is possible that I might offend someone at some point. Take offense.


  1. Velkommen til bloggverdenen. Gleder meg til å være i målgruppen som blir fornærmet.

  2. Spent på fortsettelsen. Gratulerer med blogg:)