More hair

A couple of weeks ago I was offered a job in London for a client of TIGI's: Forresters. A hop, skip and a planeride away and I was in London again.

I love London. I don't really know the town that well, but it's just such a wonderful bowl of things and people and shops and places and let's not forget, I actually know the language. Practical.

Anywho, Forresters needed some hair to colour for a competition, well, actually they needed some pictures of girls with hair they'd coloured and then they can send in the pictures for the this year's best hair colouring, or something.

Anywaywho, the whole thing took place in the BedHead studio, where the Tigi DIY collection pictures were taken aaaand.... here are some pictures. They're not really that representative for the whole trip, they're mostly just the pics I liked the best.

Tuesday: arrival day
Arrived early in the afternoon leaving the rest of the day free. Enjoyed three hours of doing absolutely nothing while lying on my huge hotelbed and drinking tea. Became hungry, went to Waitrose and enjoyed the weather and the atmosphere of Chelsea on the walk back.

Aahhh..... Flowers. <3 ( <---- lame, I know)

I stopped by a cute little place I noticed last time I was in London, the Phat Phuc Noodle Bar, a tiny outdoor Vietnamese restaurant. I like! Great chicken noodle soup and edamame beans and lovely, friendly staff. Recommended! It's in Chelsea btw.

Back at the hotel, Charlotte and I met Annette on the hotelroof. (Annette Russell, casting chief, caregiver of models and not to mention wonderwoman.) We had some wine and wonderful conversation and the view was stunning.
Wednesday: Prep-day
Charlotte the monkey (yes, that is her name): 

Robs from Forresters. He was such a darling. (Imagine I'm saying this with a very posh English accent)

 Gemma from Forresters. Also cute as a button and supernice. Very photogenic woman, I almost ended up only selecting pictures of her, and often some other stuff.
Then I found the wigs.

 Colouring done and I'm bright orange while Charlotte is pink and purple. This is not a wig. And at Topshop we found shoes to match! Didn't buy though.

 We met Annette again for supper at an adoring french restaurant, La Bouchée. I ate the best French onion soup. And, Annette made us taste foie gras, very fancy, yes. It tasted... alright. Not bad, but not spectacular.
Thursday: The shoot
We were five girls: three skinny bitches, one monkey, and me. (skinny bitch = proper model)
Hair and make-up done! Very cool.  

 The Monkey, looking fab. Oh! btw, Charlotte the monkey has now moved to London to try and make it as a proper skinny bitch. Exciting!

 The stylist:

Finished result, me on the far right. They shot Asian girl in the middle again with her hair a bit more fluffed up.

Monkey, in progress of getting her brown hair back.


..and I'm back again/outfit

As I feared, yet again, a big three week hole since the last post. Ah well, no one reads this anyway. Or do you.....?

No lack of things to blog about, I mean, you don't really have to live an interesting life or say interesting things to have something to blog about. Whatever, I'm slow, let's just say it's 'ma thang' to blog about events two months after they took place.

But look! This is actually today's outfit. Incredible! Only reason this post exists though is that I'm waiting for episode three of a Game of Thrones to load through Megavideo. Almost makes me want to read the books for a third time.

My goal here was to try to look like a serious student who was going to her very important part-time job afterwards. I rather dislike outfit-posts actually. I suddenly feel like a mediocre wannabe fashionista. Don't like the word 'fashionista' either (And I am NOT trying to be one). But, alas, my narcissism took over...

Oh, feck it. One more!

This is where I discovered that flash could be useful.