..and I'm back again/outfit

As I feared, yet again, a big three week hole since the last post. Ah well, no one reads this anyway. Or do you.....?

No lack of things to blog about, I mean, you don't really have to live an interesting life or say interesting things to have something to blog about. Whatever, I'm slow, let's just say it's 'ma thang' to blog about events two months after they took place.

But look! This is actually today's outfit. Incredible! Only reason this post exists though is that I'm waiting for episode three of a Game of Thrones to load through Megavideo. Almost makes me want to read the books for a third time.

My goal here was to try to look like a serious student who was going to her very important part-time job afterwards. I rather dislike outfit-posts actually. I suddenly feel like a mediocre wannabe fashionista. Don't like the word 'fashionista' either (And I am NOT trying to be one). But, alas, my narcissism took over...

Oh, feck it. One more!

This is where I discovered that flash could be useful.


  1. I read all your posts! and you also look fantastic!

  2. Yes, but why is our floor gray?

  3. I like the outfit a lot! ...and the poses, of course ;)

  4. Shar: Thankyou! I miss you...
    Sir Bob: you know perfectly well what I think about the colour of our floors
    Helene: Koselig at du skriver på engelsk, men det er ikke tvang altså.