Window shopping

I've found that a good way to quench my shopping hunger is to do a bit of online Windows shopping (no Mac users here), but it must be from a foreign store. That way I'm appalled by the thought of the final price of the garments considering first adding postage, then a 12% customs fee and then a 25% VAT (moms) regardless of whether the store in question has subtracted the VAT first or not. It's ridiculous but money saving.

Aaaaanyway... Everything below is from Topshop, again.
First some romantic style garments
Followed by my obsession with shirts (and cardigans)

And finally the leftovers which don't really go that well together but let's just call it a mismatch thingy that I totally ment to happen



London recap will come, some time, but not now. I can't be bothered. It's doomed to become a rather long post, involving a lot of my already strained brain capacity. Later, later.

But I'll give you something else, something lighter: Money well spent (in contrast to the money well earned i.e. one could put the whole London affair).

I got a gift certificate at things-for-the-kitchen kind of store for Christmas. I spent it on six mugs from Iittala Taika. They're really pretty and big and lovely and perfect for my many cups of tea I drink a day and finally I have a set of six matching mugs hurray!

I've been drooling over them for a while but they're rather expensive but you can't really let the certificate go to waste either.

I have also recently acquired myself a mountain anorak. Spent my own money on that and even though I didn't really need it, I still needed it. I plan on keeping and wearing and using it for at least twenty years. It's long enough to cover my bum, has many many pockets, a great big hood and a stormstropp, no idea what that is in English, but it's an elastic band you can attach in the back and the front, the band going between your legs and that way, when I go skiing and fall and tumble through the snow, no snow makes it's way up under my jacket and under my jumper making me go iiiiiiihhhh!
The anorak is the model Mårma from Fjällräven.

What have you bought lately? With your money or other money. 


The return of the bad hairdresser experience

Hello, yes, long time, no blogging. I'll come back to the rest of the London story in a later post, but first:

Remember my bad hairdresser experience? Well.... So I'm at work, minding my own business (not really my business, but I do work there) and I see someone familiar passing outside the window and don't you know it, it's that Swedish hairdresser that wrecked my hair before Christmas! Apparantly he's just started working at the hair salon close by and damn him, he recognised me as well (I have to walk past the hair salon to get to some other places). He even came in and said hello, and I just smiled fakely and said yes, yes, I recognise you, you cut my hair, yes, I just got a new hair cut, in London even and so on so forth.

It's a pity though, it's such a nice little salon where he's working now. The Boss Lady is a wonderful old lady, she used to do my now-dead-aunt's hair. I wonder why he quit that other place....?

I know I shouldn't write this in such a public place, but I'm feeling just a tad upset, why mad actually, and it's more therapeutic writing it and knowing that at least someone will read it (yes, that's YOU unfaithful reader).

Oh yes, you wonæt really get to see the rest of my pictures in London until late March. Apparantly I'm not allowed to put up any photos until after The Collection (that's the haircuts of me and the four skinny, but lovely, bitches that I worked with in London) is out, though I don't think I can be bothered taking down the ones I have already posted on the blog.


LDN: Day #2

I've been so tired by the time I've gotten back at the hotel for the last couple of days, I just haven't had the energy to blog. But I said I would so here's day 2 in retrospect.

We went to the Bed Head studios, not knowing who would have their hair cut when yet. Mood boards along the walls.

Mostly waiting while the hairdressers argued and discussed and discussed again who would be cut by who and when and how. Our little hang out/waiting room used to be a gym but functioned mostly as storage at the moment. A bunch of wigs from previous projects.

Coffee table in waiting room/ex-gym. Not quiiite my style...


The walls in the hallway were covered in pictures from previous projects and shows.

More waiting...

 Freaky mannequin 

Ready for filming of hair cutting. The studio is freezing, Jeanette is warming herself with a blow dryer while waiting for cameras to start rolling.

Again, it was cold. I've huddled up in the sofa underneath my jacket.

Turned out I wasn't getting my hair done this day and ended up having the rest of the day off from noon. Went back to the hotel before running out again to enjoy the weather. View from my little balcony:

Lovely weather made the walk to Tate Britain brilliant.

The walk to Tate Britain was a bit longer than anticipated and my feet hurt like hell on the way back, but the houses in Chelsea are just so pretty I had to take a picture.

Lunch at hotel room.

Went to Oxford street after that and tried on half of Topshop. Nothing sat right though, went back famished, bought Indian food on the way back and ate in bed.

That was day #2. Can't be bothered to make the effort of thinking through what I write, therefore no witty comments. You'll survive without them for today.