a note on hairdressers, especially Swedish ones

Warning! This post contains more text than images.

I don't like the concept of new year resolutions any more, I find they've lost their value, that is if they ever had a value beyond something to talk about on new year's eve. But if I were to have one, a general resolution, not a new year resolution; it would be to become more of a bitch to hairdressers.

I went to get a haircut just before Christmas. I went into the first salon I found since I only meant to get a little trim, get off those split ends. The hairdresser, a Swedish guest worker, was nice enough. I said don't cut too much of the length, I'm saving for longer hair. As he cut my gut feeling just became worse and worse and here my problem starts. I am just not able to say anything but yes, that looks nice, mhm when I should be saying I'm getting a bad feeling, I don't trust your skills, get those scissors away from my head before you do irreparable damage! I'm leaving! 

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But I just sat there, as I've done many times before, hoping it would all be over soon. After the chubby Swede was finished harassing my hair and asked me what I thought of the result I said nice, lovely, mhmm, looks good. I got my stuff, went to the counter and paid the obscene price he said, even though this price did not include wash or styling. I paid and ran. My wallet felt harshly abused and was left naked without as much as a penny to cover itself.

What I should have said was something like What! Are you mad! I will not pay that much for your mediocre work, especially when you did not wash my hair or style it in any way even though I specifically asked about a price including washing and styling prior to you guillotining my poor defefnseless hair! Feck you!

So, yes, from now on I'm going to try to fight my urge to be polite and let them know my dissatisfaction before stuffing my Visa card in their little machines. What's your strategy when confronted with bad hairdressers?


  1. Sen La'Noire7 January 2011 at 01:32

    One of the strategies that has worked quite well for me in the past is to walk into the salon with power... to give out the feeling of a woman who knows what she wants. If the hair stylist starts to do anything that displeases me I usually show it on my face. By looking annoyed and quizzical. That usually scares them and I have also asked what they are doing or remarked, "we decided that I only wanted an inch off."

    Hair stylists have an annoying streak of giving you a style that they want, and hardly listening to the person to whom the hair belongs. So a good sign of a good hair stylist comes during the brief chat you with them just before the massacre;). Confidence is all you need, or a friend who knows what you want and won't feck up your hair.

  2. I had a similar experience before christmas (The nightmare before christmas;). I spent 4,5 hours in the chair, while the hairdresser covered up her colouring mistakes. 4,5 hours and three rounds of damaging chemicals in my hair...hmpf! And all I said was the same things as you. "Oh, It's ok" and "I have plenty of time". I wonder when I'll get the guts to say it like it is.

  3. Okay then! Let's all join forces and take down the bad hairdressers!