Today's shopping (oops..)

Some of the things I bougt today were planned purchases. The others, not so much. Ah well, I've had a great day! Met Lena for a coffee at my new favourite café which I will hopefully take and post pics of later. The cappucicno was good, the chit-chat was better. (Note that I'm not putting in a smiley-face here even though the situation would be fitting). Anyway, let's focus on well spent money for now.

Planned purchase: sewing threads in the colours of, hmm, a colour palettte. The box is a Christmas gift from Helene.
 Planned purchase: vacuum bags

 Sort of planned purchase: Sportswear from H&M. Good for motivation.

 Not planned purchase: camisole, earrings, broche and leggings from BikBok

 Also planned purchases: cutting mat, rotary cutter, patchwork ruler and a pair of bedside tables. The tables caused some light disagreement between Manfriend and myself, but more on those and that later ;) Damn, I fell under the curse of the smiley faces afterall.


  1. The leggings make her look like Amidala in the arena. Rrrrrrwaff!

  2. I think I might have a cutting mat, a rotary cutter and patchwork ruler somewhere in the house. Not using it for the moment. Haven't used the stuff last five years, or maybe more.....
    From big sis

  3. Well, yes, suddenly you need it again.