Running motivation

Going for a run? Start out with...

...to warm up your mind while getting dressed and doing a little dance while going out the door.

Next, for the warm up (do include some spinning and jumping and dancing here as well):

 In the words of Freddie Mercury: "I'm a sex machine ready to reload". That's a quote from the song above btw. Use that as a motivation phrase while running if you like ;)

Moving on. Closing up on the steep hills there's need for something slightly more malicious.

By this time I'm usually knackered anyway, hence it doesn't matter what song I put on. The rest of the run fluctuates between runner's high and runner's despair until I get home and feel grrrrreat! (Other Prodigy-songs are good for running also...)

The upcoming travel to London is quite the motivation in itself. I did a little googling on the girls I'll be working along with and it seems they're all about two (to three) dress sizes smaller than me, i.e. they're what society calles models (or as I call anyone who is taller and thinner than me: skinny bitches). More on the subject of skinny bitches later. Toodles!


  1. Thanks! I will check it out on my next run.

  2. oooooo... so what you going to be doing in London? I will visit you!