Oh, feck...

I was making myself a little evening snack (take a slice of whole wheat bread, put on some honey and lime juice, then a bit of salt-cured meat and on top three slices of brie. Put the thing in the oven until the brie is slightly melted. Finish with some walnuts on top). But! As I turned off the oven and opened the door... BANG! The entire front of the oven door was spread out on the kitchen floor. We've been thinking about changing the oven for a while now anyway...

 Luckily my evening snack got away with only two pieces of glass, easy to pick out and I got my snack.

It should be mentioned that these sort of things happens to me rather often. A couple of years ago I was about to apply my facecream when the jar slipped out my hands, landed on the sink, broke the sink, and fell to the floor, jar intact. Fortunately we had already made the decision to redo the bathroom at the time of the incident.


  1. Nok en påminnelse om å bruke litt mer rolige bevegelser i hverdagen.

  2. Hehe, det der får bare du til, Myrull!