The ickness of cherry-coloured wood

I hate the colour of our floors. They’re dark. I used to like them but I’ve overdosed on cherry-coloured wood. Ewgh. All the floors (minus the kitchen and the bathroom), three large bookshelves, the telly-table, half of all the clothing hangers, the bed, the nightstands and the bedroom chest of drawers are all made up of cherry-coloured wood.

Icky floor and icky telly-table.

Alright bookshelf but standing on the icky floor it's just not right

I prefer my clothing hangers to be white.

But! I have a plan. I can’t do anything about the floors but save up money and wait until I have enough to buy a new place with light floors. The telly-table is already doomed. It’s too small anyway. The rest, well, we'll see.


  1. Kjøkkenet mitt er i kirsebær. Vil heller ha hvitt, sånn at jeg kan ha et rosa Smeg-kjøleskap der ;)

  2. Høres veldig fristende ut :)