LDN: Day #1

London, I have arrived! Boring flight, waiting, waiting, but was met at the airport by some of the other girls and also our driver:
nice man who drove us from airport to hotel
The hotel is a bit nicer than I expected.... It's a Gregorian townhouse in Chelsea, and at the front desk was a man I hardly understood because of his foreign, sort of French but not quite, accent. I didn't have to carry my luggage upstairs, a younger, but still hard to understand foreign accent man, carried it up for me. With my usual budget I'm not used to this kind of service and therefore it mostly makes me uncomfortable.

My room is a small double room and the bed has no less than six pillows! How big a head do you have when you need six pillows? It's all very neat and the sheets are Italien linen, bathrobes are provided and on the bedside table stood a couple of bottles of still water in lovely blue glass bottles. To me this is a grade of luxury I need to time to get used to. But who cares, I'm not paying anyway : D
big bed.

I have bathrobes and toilet paper with folded ends!

I went for a slight walk immediately after my arrival. I had not had any dinner yet so I went looking for some greasy Chinese take-away to it in bed. Instead I found expensive Thai-restaurants I dared not enter, men in suits and cigarettes in hand, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Jean-Paul Gaultier. I went back hungry, not daring to ask where the nearest Tesco was. Luckily, the Internet told me where Tesco was. I'll look for that tomorrow.

I'll try to write a quick post a day. It'll be interesting to see what morning brings.