LDN: Day #2

I've been so tired by the time I've gotten back at the hotel for the last couple of days, I just haven't had the energy to blog. But I said I would so here's day 2 in retrospect.

We went to the Bed Head studios, not knowing who would have their hair cut when yet. Mood boards along the walls.

Mostly waiting while the hairdressers argued and discussed and discussed again who would be cut by who and when and how. Our little hang out/waiting room used to be a gym but functioned mostly as storage at the moment. A bunch of wigs from previous projects.

Coffee table in waiting room/ex-gym. Not quiiite my style...


The walls in the hallway were covered in pictures from previous projects and shows.

More waiting...

 Freaky mannequin 

Ready for filming of hair cutting. The studio is freezing, Jeanette is warming herself with a blow dryer while waiting for cameras to start rolling.

Again, it was cold. I've huddled up in the sofa underneath my jacket.

Turned out I wasn't getting my hair done this day and ended up having the rest of the day off from noon. Went back to the hotel before running out again to enjoy the weather. View from my little balcony:

Lovely weather made the walk to Tate Britain brilliant.

The walk to Tate Britain was a bit longer than anticipated and my feet hurt like hell on the way back, but the houses in Chelsea are just so pretty I had to take a picture.

Lunch at hotel room.

Went to Oxford street after that and tried on half of Topshop. Nothing sat right though, went back famished, bought Indian food on the way back and ate in bed.

That was day #2. Can't be bothered to make the effort of thinking through what I write, therefore no witty comments. You'll survive without them for today.

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  1. Så flink du er som legger til masse bilder :) Gleder meg til å høre om resten av oppholdet