The return of the bad hairdresser experience

Hello, yes, long time, no blogging. I'll come back to the rest of the London story in a later post, but first:

Remember my bad hairdresser experience? Well.... So I'm at work, minding my own business (not really my business, but I do work there) and I see someone familiar passing outside the window and don't you know it, it's that Swedish hairdresser that wrecked my hair before Christmas! Apparantly he's just started working at the hair salon close by and damn him, he recognised me as well (I have to walk past the hair salon to get to some other places). He even came in and said hello, and I just smiled fakely and said yes, yes, I recognise you, you cut my hair, yes, I just got a new hair cut, in London even and so on so forth.

It's a pity though, it's such a nice little salon where he's working now. The Boss Lady is a wonderful old lady, she used to do my now-dead-aunt's hair. I wonder why he quit that other place....?

I know I shouldn't write this in such a public place, but I'm feeling just a tad upset, why mad actually, and it's more therapeutic writing it and knowing that at least someone will read it (yes, that's YOU unfaithful reader).

Oh yes, you wonæt really get to see the rest of my pictures in London until late March. Apparantly I'm not allowed to put up any photos until after The Collection (that's the haircuts of me and the four skinny, but lovely, bitches that I worked with in London) is out, though I don't think I can be bothered taking down the ones I have already posted on the blog.

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