London recap will come, some time, but not now. I can't be bothered. It's doomed to become a rather long post, involving a lot of my already strained brain capacity. Later, later.

But I'll give you something else, something lighter: Money well spent (in contrast to the money well earned i.e. one could put the whole London affair).

I got a gift certificate at things-for-the-kitchen kind of store for Christmas. I spent it on six mugs from Iittala Taika. They're really pretty and big and lovely and perfect for my many cups of tea I drink a day and finally I have a set of six matching mugs hurray!

I've been drooling over them for a while but they're rather expensive but you can't really let the certificate go to waste either.

I have also recently acquired myself a mountain anorak. Spent my own money on that and even though I didn't really need it, I still needed it. I plan on keeping and wearing and using it for at least twenty years. It's long enough to cover my bum, has many many pockets, a great big hood and a stormstropp, no idea what that is in English, but it's an elastic band you can attach in the back and the front, the band going between your legs and that way, when I go skiing and fall and tumble through the snow, no snow makes it's way up under my jacket and under my jumper making me go iiiiiiihhhh!
The anorak is the model Mårma from Fjällräven.

What have you bought lately? With your money or other money. 


  1. Nothing yet, but I'm going shopping at Krakow's biggest mall tomorrow :)

  2. Nydelige tekrus! Og flott anorakk.
    Jeg var innom Namaste her om dagen. Kjøpte to flotte topper til halv pris. Veldig fornøyd!

  3. Ååh! Har sikla på de koppene selv. Elsker designet! Særlig ugla, selvsagt. Anorakken var smashing også :)

    Jeg har kjøpt meg skjenk! :)

  4. Ja jeg så du hadde kjøpt deg sjenk! Vil gjerne ha en lignende sjenk selv, litt bredere en, til å ha tvn på.