I reject your reality and substitute my own

Yes, mine. The flaunting of newly acquired treasures can begin. Newly meaning this summer which now is at an end. I could smell the fall this morning. I think winter will come early this year. (When winter has still not arrived come December, one might find that last prediction modified to "winter will be late this year, fall will be long".)

Shoes and clothing. Second hand and new (notice that I am not saying vintage. More on that later). The grey tassels are attached to a bag that mostly just goes by the name "elephant pouch" or "elephant scrotum".

Oh, baby! How I love these:

Leopardprint wedges. Light as an empty butterbox. My feet have never before worn high heeled shoes as comfortable as these. (The Manfriend I live with hates them. I have to keep telling him that wearing animalprints does not a russian hooker make.) And they make me six feet tall.

Slight redecoration of living quarters has taken place this summer, changing of cushions on couch. Feeling espescially proud considering I have sewn four of the cushion covers myself. The bottom three ones plus the green one with dots. I suspect that Manfriend might find the cushions a wee bit too feminine.


  1. Så mye fint du har kjøpt deg! Må få se det "live" en dag!

  2. Åååh, alle putene! Og de fine skoooene! For ikke å snakke om klippet fra Nemo. Sweet :)