Saturday night

Listening to Julie London suits a particularly windy Saturday evening. I’m home alone after a long day at work. And I’m brewing some sort of a cold, been doing so for the last week. Also fitting, considering it’s October. It’s beautiful outside these days, the trees are the same colour as the back of my sore throat.


Saturday night calls for a drink. I’m no fan of curing a cold with whiskey, simply, because I don’t actually like whiskey. No chance of getting it down.
But! A friend/colleague of mine has a remedy of her own: garlic, fresh pineapple, and lots of green tea. I didn’t have any fresh pineapple in the house though. But I did have garlic, and a few other things.

I had garlic, orange juice, lime juice, sweet chili sauce, chili powder  (not in the picture), and frozen blueberries. Let’s put them all together in a blender.

Tadaa! I have invented the garlic-lime-chili-blueberry-smoothie! Time for a taste. I thought maybe it would taste better served in a pretty glass...

...with a candle in it. (I was out of colourful umbrellas)

Surprisingly it didn’t taste bad. Sort of like liquid thai food, with a bit too much garlic in it. I drank two full glasses. No problemo. (Anything involving blueberries inevitably becomes messy though...)

Throat and cough are slightly better, I’ll wait until morning to give the final verdict on the garlic-lime-chili-blueberry-smoothie’s effectiveness.

Edit: I spent the rest of the evening burping up garlic taste. Sunday morning: my coughs are sort of slimy, but all in all I'm in good shape. Success! Sort of...


  1. Likte lyset! Kanskje du skal introdusere denne drinken på innflytningsfesten? Minus hvitløk muligens...

  2. Eh, muligens minus alt som ikke er blåbær og appelsinjuice hvis du skal lage drink av den... :p

  3. Sender deg en award på bloggen min, håper du har tid til å svare :-)

  4. Detta minner meg om noko eg åt i fylla ein gong . . . Eg skjøna ikkje korfor eg hosta kvitlauk i fleire dagar.

  5. Når kommer det et nytt innlegg?!

  6. Neste innlegg kommmer..... Nå! snart. i kveld.