Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear oh me what a bad blogger I am....

December 1st today, haven't visited my own blog since October. Feck. I see I've been sent an award by Ingrid Riddervold (Again, this happened in October. Again, feck.) and her lovely blogalicious. Now this is a girl who can sew! (Damn her, jealous) Aaaanyhow, I'm supposed to now say seven things about myself. Ok

 1. I like rocks. And minerals. I find them interesting. So interesting I plan to make a career out of them.
 2. Squash is fun. Especially with people like himher and her.
 3. Flea markets are the best.
 4. I'm a slave to the television, or more specifically to tv-series downloaded from the magnificent webalicious. Examples would be Gossip Girl, House M.D, QI, Mad Men, Sex and the City, True Blood
 5. My favourite animal is rabbit (and hare).

6. My hero is Roald Amundsen, first man on the south-pole, though I sometimes wonder if I'm a reincarnation of Robert F. Scott in terms of not-so-wise decision making.
7. Fashion baby!

Okay, sending the award to Sir Bob, challenging him to write the answers in a post that is shorter than the Paleozoic era, for once.

See you in another two months....


  1. Haha! Fint poeng angående Sir Bob ;) Gleder meg til hans respons!

    Og takk for innlegg...at last! Har savnet innleggene dine.

  2. Takker:) Ja, må nok si det til ham for at han skal få det med seg.

  3. I see your innocent challenge and raise you a belated, witty retort:


  4. At least that was a short comment :p