Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has come and gone, as usual not reaching up to its expectations. It has been a good night but it will never again reach the feeling of anticipation you got when you were a child hungrily eyeing the presents under the tree. Sometimes, being a so-called grown up sucks. Other times you remember the really shite-arse childhood memories and realise that pretending to be a grown up is better.

To me, Christmas Eve is not the highlight of the season. It’s planning and finding and making and wrapping and giving presents to everyone else.

A project that this year has taken a long time to finish but the result was great! I wrapped everything up in newspapers and red ribbon this year, pretending to do so out of environmental causes, but in reality I’m just being stingy, saving money where I can. Spending the saved money on myself instead. We’re all just self-centered wankers. Feck us all, and happy new years as well!

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