I have a list of things to blog about. I'll be surprised if any of them ever reach the webalicious. Feck those ideas (no, I did not misspell that, "feck" sounds much better than "fuck", at least when spoken by Dara O'Briain), instead I'll give you what I've learned today. This way you can learn something too, useful or not. Probably not, but hey, maybe it will serve you as a conversation starter at some point.

1. There's a guy in my mineral ore deposit class that doesn't like peppers. Or at least not the red ones. He picks them out of his salad.

Picture of red pepper. All text and no pics makes post less interesting to start reading, i.e. cheap trick. And bad grammar, I know. Feck off.

2. January Jones, also known as Betty Draper, maiden name Hofstadt, wears contact lenses. You can see the edge of them on her eyes in Mad Men, season 3, episode 5. I discovered this myself only half an hour ago (or there abouts).

Hooray for the revival of the suburban housewife with a problem filling up her time!

3. Friele's new ice cappuccino tastes like fermented sugar, gone bad. (Friele, it's just an opinion. That's how it goes when you hand out free samples.) I figured no picture would be the polite thing to do here.

Btw, let me know if I've done something incorrectly considering use of pics and linking. I'm no good at knowing what to do there.


  1. I could'n agree more about Friele! It tastes like crap! Tine's ice coffee is much better! Mmmm. would you like me to comment in english, by the way?

  2. Comment in any language you like :) (Preferably one I can understand though.. That narrows it a bit.)

  3. Probably shouldn't comment on the (e)nglish, though :P. Try "thereabouts". See me! (rrrrr)