Chicago: Day #2

It's Friday. I start the day by getting up at 6.30 in the morning, well rested. This never happens. I am obviously jet-lagged in a weird way since I have suddenly turned morning person. I start the day by going for a swim in the hotel pool. Lots of work-out-crazed people in the gym, only me in  the pool. Amazing.
hotel pool. source
Breakfast buffet too good. I'm bursting by the time I'm finished and I still want more because there's so much delicious food.

Us five girls go over to the venue where everything's going to happen and turns out it's huuuge. Gigantic. Everything's bigger in America. Even the hallways are enormous, high high up under the ceiling. They tell us 2500 people are coming to see this show. Crazy!

Anyway, the day is spent waiting, waiting, waiting, walking, waiting, walking, done. I'm lucky enough to get very comfortable shoes, as comfortable as stilettos get that is. We learn and practice our choreography but most of the time is just waiting and watching while the other skinny bitches, and there's a lot of them, learn and practice their choreography. It's a strange feeling being surrounded by girls who are all taller and three sizes smaller than me. This is going to be a big show.

Finished not too late after all, around 4 pm Chicago time. Me, Jeanette and Detty went downtown looking for food and playing tourists with our cameras. I'm not very impressed by this city. It's big, flat, somewhat worn down and a form of segregation is still evident. For example, at our hotel almost all of the staff except for the receptionists are coloured, either black or hispanic, while almost all the guests are white. Scary stuff.

Anyway, ewe found a cute little sushi&smoothie place, bought take-away and ate at the hotel. On the way back I had to stop by Dunkin' Donuts and buy myself a glazed donut. It's tasted like pure sugar. I am truly in the land of the fat. It's actually hard finding something healthy to eat.

Fell asleep at ten.

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  1. Yay, you remembered us readers :D Can't wait for the pictures and your stories on one of our evening trips.