Easter - part 1 of many

Right, so, easter has come and gone here on Svalbard. It was great, I thought. Done loads of different stuffs, at least compared to what I do on a regular daily basis. Been very outdoorsy, though between the outdoorsy stuff I've been very indoorsy of me. I spent several evenings doing nothing but watching a bunch of telly series and crocheting while drinking tea and sitting on my bed. Loved it! Just my kind of lonesome relaxation.

Anyway, I took so many pictures during easter, and got pics from other folks I hung out with as well so I think I'll just batch them into separate posts. Just as well, I'm just too slow when it comes to picking out photos and editing them anyways.

So here's part 1: ice crystals in Tellbreen's melt water channel cave! It's my new thing, ice caves that is. The pics not watermarked with MyrullMyrull are taken by Katja Baum. My cameralens decided not to cooperate down in the cave (it was sort of full o snow and moist and fogged up and all such it shouldn't be). Luckily Katja's compact worked perfectly.

 Aaahhh! I just love these, it looks like some sort of cold water coral reef deep deep down in the sea or something.

 The crystals here are about 6-7 cm in diameter. And very very brittle mind you. The roof was just low enough for Katja and I to every now and then forget ourselves and bump out head into the crystals and get ice down our necks. Lovely.

Now this one reminds me of something you would see if you looked down a very strong microscope. Something bacterial or dust particles or an insect.... Any other suggestions?