Feeling pissy

The urbandictionary.com says this: (arrow down) about being pissy
Pissy ( Pis-Sy) Adj.

1. Easily irritated or bitter

2. Abnormally sensitive to a stimulus

3. State of being excessively bitchy without due cause

4. Excessive Grouchiness’

I haven't been excessively bitchy outwards though, only in my head. And I do have due cause. 
This has generally been a rather strange weekend. I have not felt like being social in the slightest. My original plan was to get a welfare rifle from school on Friday (no, no massacre planned, you need a rifle incase of polar bears if you want to veer off out of town for a trip) so that I would be able to go a hike or a ski by myself. But the queue was half way down the hall already when I arrived, even though I showed up half an hour early. 

Therefore, no going on trips alone. If I wanted to go out I would need to join up with someone who did get a rifle. And I did ask some people here and there to let me know if they were going anywhere n Saturday. Didn't happen. As in they went, but I never heard a word. 
I did, however, have the oppurtunity to go skiing on Sunday, but a loooooong trip, and I just didn't feel like it, especially since it involved people. 

It's not like I haven't spoken to anyone all weekend, I just haven't been actively social, haven't exactly been seeking out long conversations with everything and everyone.

Anyway, enough text. Here what I did do, besides brooding.
- I've watched five episodes of Foyle's War. Bear in mind each episode last for an hour and a half
- I finally went to the gym. I wanted to go indoor climbing, but no one else was there. 
- I went to town. In town I got loads of free clothing to make into a costume for the upcoming Icebreaker party which has the theme "Fairytale". There's a place in town called Bruktikken (combination of Norwegian words for used and shop) where you can deliver things you don't want and others can pick up the stuff for free. 
- Also in town, I bought a new, feisty, very warm fleece jacket from Norrøna.