it's aliiiiive!

I'm spending this spring in Longyearbyen om the Svalbard archipelago. Quite a far bit away from hair modelling and such. So, this means, slight change in topics discussed on this blog from here on forth. Like the weather and rocks and minerals and every-day-annoyances and polar exploration and other cool stuff. But I won’t be able to stick to just that can of stuff anyway, nor do I intend to. This’ll still be a fuck all-blog, and a, from time to time, let’s discuss what this blog’s about-blog.

So, anyway, Svalbard is here:

78 degrees north and for the last week it has been raining non-stop. Plus wind. Equals slush-avalanches, equals closed roads, and staying inside a lot. Temperatures have dropped a bit now and today I walked home from school in what I would call a blizzard. Polar explores would probably just call it a slight breeze and go sunbathing. Except that the sun won't be back for another two weeks.
There were actually some upsides to the rainy, shitty, non-arctic weather. For my part anyway, and you know me, always positive and bright as light in the night. But more on this later. I have much I want to communicate, having postponed this re-uptake of the blog for about two months.



  1. love you. Never forget!

  2. It's alive, it's aliiiiiive! The long-expected resurrection is finally here! I love it.