So... what did you do today? - an excercise in smalltalk

So, here’s a bit of what I’ve done today. As if you care. But you’ll read it anyway, I’m sure of it.
    • overslept (it's part of my routine)
    • visited my friend at the asylum
    the asylum
    • ate lunch at IKEA, which consisted of a pizza slice, a hot dog, soda and an ice cream
    • slept some more, and overslept slightly for the next activity
    • played innebandy, also called floorball
    The last time I played innebandy, which was probably almost a year ago, I ended up with blue polkadot-thighs. You see, I’m not afraid of the ball, even though I can’t keep track of it. This time I got away with three bruises and a head butt. 
    • had a cup of coffee. Got ourselves a Nespresso machine for Christmas. Excellent stuff.

    • slept again
    • clipped the dog’s nails – the dog bled and was generally displeased with the whole affair after that first clipping gone wrong, except for the treats she was continuously given. And no more bleeds after that first one. 
    the dog

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    1. Er du hjemme i Bartebyen? Så koselig! Fine Voffen :)