New gear and Northern lights

Bought me some new camera gear a couple of weeks ago: a Sigma 18-200mm telelens, and I finally got myself a tripod. Ended up with an Induro Adventure AKP0 with a panorama head. Only took me a month or two to decide what to get. I may be good at spending money, but no one can say my purchases aren't well planned at least.

So, anyway, I recived my new stuff, only to let them rest and not really familiarize myself with any of it.  Yeah, I'm a real enthusiast...

The following Thursday however, the Dane comes slantering into the kitchen and says "oh, by the way, there's a northern light again tonight". Silence, then panic. Not just me, but everyone in my kitchen. Run to my room, get dressed sort of-ish, grab my tripod and my camera, ready to to take pictures of the northern lights.

I get outside, find myself a spot outside the reach of the streetlights, only to realise that I have no clue what goes where how on this tripod. Ending up spending half an hour fidgeting with the tripod, moving in and out of the streetlight because I had ofcourse forgotten to bring my headlamp. All the while glancing frantically up at the skies so that I at least experience this nights lights.

When I had finally got rigged up I only managed a couple of ok pics before the auroras disappeared. Who knows if I will get to see them again this year, aurora season being almost over and midnight sun times begin....

As always, my pictures, no stealing without asking for permission first.