se torsken du norsken!

About four hours until I have to get up and go to theoretical and mechanical lessons in snow mobile-driving. Practical stuff next week. Gargantuan cup of coffee to be made in the morning.
But that's not what I wanted to communicate to you this lovely night, with the snow finally drifting silently down outside my window in Ny-Byen.

I attend courses at UNIS - The University centre In Svalbard, and we're about half'n'half with Norwegian and non-Norwegian students. A couple of the students from last semester had already made plans to set up a Norwegian course for those who wanted to learn this peculiar, yet largely useless language. With us new comers arriving we were suddenly seven self-proclaimed Norwegian teachers, and the course was on.

The pictures are from last Wednesday's lecture, the second all together. Excellent turnout of 28 eager-to-learn students (well, one was Swedish and doesn't really count...).

We gave them a test and all on last week's homework, and worked in little groups, and wrote things on the blackboard, and we even sang a little song in Norwegian on the end there! Yes, a truly magnificent way of spending a particularly blah Wednesday evening!

Pictures! (My pictures, ask if you're thinking of stealing them)

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