Five cm under the surface

Went for a wee bicycle trip yesterday, trying to be adventurous, failing, but it was a nice trip anyway. The weather was okay, I got to know the island a bit better.

I was told that the path you see in front of the bike was actually the main car road on the island fifty or so years ago. Now, this tells me that if the human race was to die out because we fucked everything up, nature would relatively quickly grow everywhere, hiding the mess, then continental drift would sink what needs to be sunk and bury the rest.

Also, I bought myself a waterproof camera not too long ago. I found myself a little tidal pond where things grew and two shrimps lived. The colours turned out quite nicely, but those bloody shrimps just wouldn't keep still for the camera! Either they kept swimming into the camera, coming to close, or they just swam away under a rock. Didn't really help that they're colourless either. Hence, the shrimps are a bit blurry. The plant-thingys look alright though. Sometimes. Enjoy!

     Friggin shrimp...


  1. iiih, så ekle dem er! Fine bilder da!

  2. Så kult! En magisk verden rett under overflaten. Nå ble jeg inspirert til å forske litt med mitt eget vanntette kamera:)

  3. mm, vanntett kamera er gøy!

  4. hi silje,

    interesting your comment about the nature that will erase all traces of human beings after a comparably short period... if just the creators of these traces would vanish. i read a book about this topic (coincidentially that was even in norway when me and two friends crossed the hardangervidda on skis^^).

    the book is called "the world without us" from the author alan weisman

    he asks and answers exactly thi question in a very entertaining way: what would happen with th earth if every human being just disappears in the next second...?

    it's not that long and ... yeah, entertaining ;-)