ok. fuck. right, let's update.

Seriously, can someone tell me how to get a routine to stick? It's not just about blogging more often than once a year, I'm generally shite at making routines stick for more than a week at a time.

Anyway, I've left Svalbard, back on the mainland, had a couple of weeks in northern Norway doing geological fieldwork, aka going for hikes and getting paid for it. The plan is to make posts for the rest of the whole Svalbard thing, the geology thing, the thing I'm doing now, which is holidays at the summer cabin, all the bloody crocheting I've done last six months, the fact that I've watched six, yes six, seasons of Dexter during the last three weeks, also the first season of Girls, brilliant series that one, love it, but man! I'm having Dexter abstinences, it's really fucking hard going from several episodes a day to nothing, nothing! Fucking hell, that is one sexy serial killer, the catharsis when he sticks his knife in (yeah, no euphemisms here...), well.

Listening to A Hazy Shade of Winter for the sixth time in a row now, been picking and choosing pictures all night, but for this time all you'll get is what I had for dessert: Ice cream and strawberries and coffee. The strawberries had started to mould on the counter. Yum yum.

More coming tomorrow! I promise, I think...

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