Door signs

This fall I've made door signs for friends. Some of them even needed them. But they're fun to make. The concept of how they're made is curtesy of another friend of mine, Ingrid Riddervold. She makes a lot of other cool stuff as well, which you can buy even. It's all about re-use of old things, paricularly vintage and retro fabrics. I recommend taking a look at her webpage.

Oh, and you'll find the actual making of the door signs here.

 And my versions (made during two different rounds):

And if any of you door sign owners  don't want your name shown on the pics, just let me know, and I'll modify them not to show your names.

Finally, let's end with a question:
What kind of door sign do you have? And which of the door signs above is your favorite?

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  1. Hihi, jeg har et sånt! Men jeg må henge det opp igjen, for det datt ned her om dagen.