How to get into my trousers

Now that I've got your attention, the subject here is how I will get into my trousers. I have a lot of them, but unfortunately most of them have become too tight on me the last couple of years. Since I don't have the money to buy an entire new wardrobe of trousers and dresses, I have decided to eat less and move more. Mostly move more. And eat less sweets.

Therefore, from now on, there will be sporadic updates of what I've done of exercise, since I have seen this be done on several other blogs, and I have also signed up for a spinning-thing at my gym, where, if you go spinning 24 times before December 9th, you have the chance of winning a bike. I already have a bike, but I like winning stuff. And this bike is nicer than my bike. It's nice to have a concrete goal, that's what everyone says anyway.

So far, I have spun (?) 4 times. Only 20 to go. I meant to go today but I had forgotten that I had signed up for a talk about a south pole expedition, which, btw, was very interesting.

Nuff talk, here's the past two weeks:
colour code:
grey: nothin' done
blue: a proper workout
green: some movement

What's your goal this fall? Or do you have a goal with a longer timescale?

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  1. Clever ;-)
    Målet mitt er å holde fasongen gjennom alskens julefristelser samtidig som livskvalitet og kos er på topp!