field work - sum up

Back home from Målselv, Troms, Norway. I'll just put up the instagram compilations I put together from the last days of fieldwork. Generally nice weather, local fog sometimes, some drizzle. And I made the observation that fern (nor: bregner) prefers growing on fine-grained mafic rocks over coarse grained granites, regardless of altitude. Also, I finished reading A dance with dragons the day I came home. Only, four-five-maybe six-years until the next book.... Fuck.

If you are wondering what some of the things in the pics are, just ask in comments.



  1. Herlige bilder, altså! Loove it :)

  2. if you told the truth that the pictures are not really altered by any software but only the result of your old camera.... then i am in love with your camera!!! :-D
    the pictures have a very charming retro style!


  3. Hah! no old camera here, all the pictures are taken with my ipod and an instagram filter have been put on top.