My ultimate Svalbard souvenir

In January I started crocheting.
I have always been very good at falling asleep during lectures, and the UNIS-lectures on Svalbard were no exception. I used to knit a lot, but for some reason I stopped. Probably because I was no good at it, and most of what I made didn't look very nice. Crocheting I found, was much easier. And faster. So I started making granny squares back in January, so as to not fall asleep during lectures (the lecture topics can be very interesting, but that doesn't stop me from falling asleep, I need to keep my hands busy).

In June, when I left Svalbard, I had finished all the squares, 216 in total. During the summer I have done the tedious work of sowing all the squares together, and a couple of weeks ago I actually finished my monster project, the Svalbard blanket. Hurray!

It's all in wool, and I have tried it out (it's been a cold summer) and I can tell you that it is absolutely lovely to sit under and drink a cup of tea. And I drink a lot of tea these days, with ginger and honey, 'cause I have a cold. Fuck.

And lastly, just to give an impression of the size the blanket. I have never made anything so big before! Yay!

What's the biggest thing you've ever made?


  1. I'm impressed! Wow! The blanket looks so nice, and it's HUGE!

    My biggest project is a knitted jacket that took me 3 years to put together, a lot of swearing and a lot of doing over. I'm sure you are familiar with the famous Faenskofta;)