The Brussel Sprout Calender

Ok, so here's the thing. Last New Year's eve we had brussel sprouts for dinner, among other things, the main course was turkey. Then the following picture was taken, of me.
This then triggered the idea of a calender, involving brussel sprouts in somewhat compromising positions. An unknown number of alcohol units later and an informal photo shoot had begun. Now, more than six months later, a six month calender is born. Or, pictures of six different people at least. Whatever. 

Btw, I need help deciding on which photo to choose of the guys. There are two of each of them, as you will notice. 

Thank you to my wonderful models (from top to bottom) Sigrid, Runar, Linda, Anne Cecilie, Erlend, and Helene.

Lastly, who should be which month? Would be nice if you can give six consecutive months, it would be rather impractical to have holes in our calender.


  1. Her er min stemme:
    Januar - Runar (bilde nr. 1)
    Februar - Helene
    Mars - Erlend (bilde nr. 1)
    April - Anne Cecilie
    Mai - Linda
    Juni - Sigrid

  2. Haha Linda er så fin :-D Stilig prosjekt. Jeg stemmer på alle bildene ;-)

  3. Herlige bilder, altså! Runar tar jo bare kaka med cava'n der da! Enig med Linda om bildene av gutta! Ellers vil jeg foreslå følgende rekkefølge:
    Januar - Helene
    Februar - Linda
    Mars - Erlend
    April - Sigrid
    Mai - Runar(Evt Silje, hvis bildet skulle vært med)
    Juni - Anne Cecilie
    Juli - Evt Runar (Hvis Silje skulle vært på Mai)