Hey ho! Follow me on instagram. Here's this fall's bunch of my instapics this fall. There's a lot of them. All taken with my little iPod, I have no smartphone. This will be the one and only time I post such an amount of instapics since I've finally put up a little widget on the sidebar instead for future pics. I have to say I'm rather surprised how much better your ipod/iphone pics can get with just some clever little apps. For the record I use Pro HDR, Photogene2, and Diptic.

First: The great outdoors!

Next: Food and drink

Mmm, liquorice vodka. Yu-mmy!


Lastly: misc.


That last pic is the logo of a local physiotherapist's office. Dirty, dirty physiotherapist... :p

Argh, I'd love it if the pics were spaced out more through the post, but it took me look enough just to get them the way they are now. Exterminate Blogger's picture system!

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