It's exam time for the eternal student, and being the queen of procrastination that I am I have just finished wathing an episode of Doctor Who (still mourning the loss of Christopher Eccleston (ninth Dr) after I finished watching his season last week, but being nicely comforted by David Tennant (tenth Dr). Both yum in their own way), and googling all the outdoor gear I want but don't need. Need to learn to use the gear I already have first.
    Let's add some pics of the ninth and tenth Doctor to have something to look at shall we (there's something about big ears...):

Okay, from geeky thing to another: I bought this ingenious little thing on eBay not long ago, and I've been using it intensively ever since for revising for my exams. It's a pencil lengthener!

One end is for standard size pencils, the other for slightly larger pencils. I stuck a rubber on the big-pencil-end instead since I recently also bought 144 pieces of rubber to put on the end of pencils. Imagine all the money I'll save on not throwing away half used pencils! The lengthener cost about a pound or something from Hong Kong via eBay.co.uk.

Got any tips for smart little gadgets that make everyday life so much easier? Or a favourite Doctor?

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  1. Begge doktorene er ekstremt hotte! Jeg sørget også lenge over tapet av Cristopher Eccleston, men David Tennant trøstet fint han, ja. Tror ikke jeg spoiler noe ved å si at det kommer en 11th doctor også, og han trøstet også veldig da han kom. Jeg tror han er min favorittdoktor akkurat nå. Matt Smith, altså. Rrrh!