Easter - part IV

Heeeey! Remember Easter part I, II and III? No? Well, it's all about my easter 2012 adventures on Svalbard, and to be honest, they were quite interesting. Now I am going to my arse into gear (can you say that in English, or is that just a Norwegian expression?) and post pics from rest of the easter holiday during the next somthing days/weeks. I don't think I can be bothered to write too much about the general happenings in the pics, that's what stopped me getting the posts done the last time.

If there is anything in the photos that you are curious about, post a comment, and I will answer. Enjoy!

Easter 2012 - part IV:
The strangest sunset, and Eskerfossen.
 A little bit of background: Snowscootered from Svea and all the way to the east coast. Met complete whiteout and increasing winds at east coast, turned around, drove through tricky moraine, and headed back to Longyearbyen. Made a couple of stops on the way back:

We were met by the strangest sunset I have ever seen on our way back through Sassendalen. To begin with I thought something was on fire, because everything else had the usual bluish tint. One of the you-kind-of-had-to-be-there-experiences.

 Stopped at the Esker waterfall. Frozen at this time of year. Unfortunately it also had a big pile of drifted snow in front of it during our visit...

 Next time: Easter - part V: Sleeping in a Glacier
Stay tuned!

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