It's time to get down

Aeh feck. You know when you've mentally written a brilliant blogpost in your head but by the time you reach a computer (or in my case can be bothered to open Blogger) you've forgotten and lost the flow of the text and now your words just kinda stumble over each other. Every time. Every fucking time.
But the general gist of it was as follows:

The temperature outside the last week or so has kept itself at a steady -12 to -16 degrees centigrade lately. I don't mind the cold since I then finally got to pop on the down jacket I bought on Svalbard this spring. I bought it rather late in the season so this week has been the first proper oppurtunity to test it out.

It's a Klättermusen Iving waterproof down jacket. It's way too expedition for my usage, but us UNIS students got it for less than half the price it goes for on the mainland since they've put a lovely little UNIS-logo on the arm.
It only came in unisex sizes, so I got the smallest one (size small) and still runs a little big. Now I'm 175cm tall (that's 5'9'' for you non-metric feckers), so that's a whole lot of jacket!

 (Note the remote control for the camera in my right hand there...)

I guess we can do a little review kind of thing while we're at it. Mind you I have only used it around town so far, and the wind the last week has been non-existent. But my general impression is that it is a superb jacket. It's kept me nice and warm when waiting for the bus, though as I said, it's a wee bit big on me, and hence I get a little too much air around the lower part of my upper body. More clothes underneath and that won't be a problem.

The down filling seems a little thinner under the arms, which I guess could be nice if you're moving about in it a lot and need a little ventilation.
It's a little on the heavy side weighing in at 1170 grams. Not a problem while wearing it, but if put in a backpack I guess you would notice it. But, then again, it is meant to be an expedition jacket, not a Sunday stroll-jacket.

My favourite part is the pockets! Two large ones to put hands and other things in, two still rather big ones on the chest. I also very much like the system for tightening the wrist areas and lower jacket edge. Simple enough so you can tighten and release even if wearing big-arse mittens. And the hood has a wire across the entrie edge.

Okay, that ended up being more writing than I intended, but I have decided that I shall not be afraid of writing in the posts, as long as I have some pics as well.

If you want to read more about the Klättermusen Iving jacket, take a look here.

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