Easter - part V

After a night's rest in Longyearbyen recovering from the adventures of Easter part I-IV, Katja, Amanda and I headed out again towards Tellbreen. We knew some other friends had headed in that direction the day before, on skis. We went on snow mobiles.

Long story short: all nine of us spent the night in the lower part of an englacial conduit in Tellbreen, i.e. in an ice cave.

As I said, this was in the lower part of the conduit, meaning that we had ice above us and mainly debris and frozen ponds under us. Also, it was too low to stand upright.

And again, any questions, don't hesitate to submit a comment below.

Melting water form icicles freshly picked off the wall!


The next morning we ran into Doug Benn, professor at UNIS, and knower of all that is to be known about glaciers. He told us that this particular ice cave had not been very stable lately. Whoopsie daisy....

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