Easter - part VI

After a bad night's rest in the icecave (note to self: inflate sleeping mat more, waking up with arse touching ice cold rock is not very comfortable), we all went for a ski. As far as I can figure out from maps, I think we skinned up Ottofjellet. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Mari and Elena skinning up.

Katja and Amanda sporting their Aklima wool nettings (very much recommended form all of us). I think that should be Tellbreen in the back left there...




Getting ready to telemark down. And I'm making faces as always. And btw I don't actally know how to tele. Amanda did teach me some very useful stuff the day after this, but this day I mainly just came down by falling.

Now, that's me on the right there, and about two seconds after this photo was taken, I managed too fall as well, straight from where I was standing.

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