So, I'm a geology student. I might have mentioned that before, mayhaps indirectly, here and here. And as a geology student you go on a lot of excursions and field trips. The following pics are from a visit to a mine in northern Norway a bit over a year ago. It lies on an island called Stjernøy outside Alta, and they take out a rock called nepheline syenite and make products for the glass, paint and ceramic industry. This is an open pit mine with the primary crusher situated inside the mountain.

Mines are cool. I like mines.

Do you like mines? You should, they're a prerequisite for your modern lifestyle.


  1. Jeg liker gruver! Gruver ligger jo tross alt i slekta. Pappa vokste opp på Løkken verk ;)

  2. you like mines...
    ...and I like your pictures ;-)
    haven't been here for a while and just understood that it was a mistake =)

    PS: I'll be in Trondheim over the weekend to visit Anna...