Easter - part VII

Last post about Easter 2012 on Svalbard. The weather had been cold and clear all Easter, and this last night was no exception. Instead of spending another night in the icecave we ended up snuggly sleeping nine people in an igloo set up by Spitsbergen Travel on Tellbreen. They didn't need it. It strictly said on a plaque outside the igloo do not enter, Spitsbergen Travel uses this as a lunch stop during day trips. Or something in that general direction. Point is, we knew no one would pop by during the night anyway.

Even with nine people (where two of us had the extra long, extra wide downmats from Exped) there was enough room. I must say, great igloo Spitsbergen Travel! And thanks for the loan. We cleaned up very nicely after us as well.

Yes, this is pulka on snowmobile sledge. Amanda (on the right)  helped the skiing people by driving their one pulka up a steep hill. Afterwards Amanda, Katja, and I went skiing and then snowmobiled home.
Thank you wonderful Svalbard people for a magnificent Easter holiday!

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