...and I call this working?

The weather has been cold, with rain the second day, but nice and sunny yesterday….. I could tell you a bunch about the rocks I’ve seen, but to be honest they haven’t really been that exciting, even to a geologist. Observed some fingering between a granitic thing and a more mafic thing, and the next question then is of course who is fingering who? The answer to that was the granite is fingering the mafic, finegrained rock, this because the mafic (it’s darker than the granite) rock had some of its separate bits inside the granite. A paradox you say? Nay, these are rocks, not humans. 

Also, today I managed to send a rather big piece of rock flying across mine own hand, partially flaying myself. That's what might happen when taking samples. It bled like all hell and had to change the band aid not two minutes after I put on the first one.

Lastly, picked slightly more than a litre of cloudberries today, and I don't even like cloudberries. But I like picking them. They're little pieces of mountain gold, hiding around amongst the heather.


  1. I like cloudberries! Don't flay off any more bits. I like those. Especially if they bring home cloudberries.

  2. I hear some residents of a particular country to the east think cloudberries make a mean liqueur...

    also, that could help with the flaying.

    which reminds me, I took off a nicely sized piece of my own upper-thumb the other day, and as I was hopping around the kitchen making small noises, I caught myself wishing you and your trusty first aide kit were right down the hall.

    hope all is well up there.