Berry picking

So, I did go berry picking yesterday, as I said I would. Took my new old scooter and headed up to the woods, parked it, took out a small bucket, and then it started raining. No big surprise really, it had been raining on and off all day anyway, but I did realise after a little while that I should have taken different trousers or possibly just put on some gaiters. Not because of the rain itself, but because every little shrub and bush was soaking wet, and soon my trouser legs were as well, up to my thighs at one point.

 Also, I just rediscovered Instagram, so excuse the randomness of the following pictures and their filters.

All in all, a very pleasant trip indeed! I didn't really mind the rain, it wasn't cold or anything. I waddled around for a good two hours, managing a little half a litre of arctic cloudberries and some munchings of blueberries (or huckleberries, as they are apparently known as in north America).

I don't actually like cloudberries, but I like picking them, and Manfriend likes eating them. Blueberries however, are magnificent in taste, but much more boring to pick. Though maybe I'll pick some next week.

When I got home, Manfriend made whipped cream and put the cloudberries in and I said "ewh".

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  1. Men multe er jo nammi! Hehe, folk har vel et elsk/hat-forhold til dem uansett :)