something something blah-blah-blah

I had an enjoyable week I did. Went climbing indoors with friends Monday and Wednesday, watched and walked a friend of mine's dog Tuesday and Thursday (see pics below), picked blueberries/huckleberries on Wednesday, lost my wallet on Wednesday, got it back on Thursday because an old man found it on the other side of town and handed it in to the bank, got bitten on Tuesday by the black giant schnauzer Manfriend is watching this week, finished my Svalbard blanket (pictures later) Thursday, and made blueberryjam Friday, i.e. today.

After I finish off this post I'll head out to the city woods and set up my new tent, a Bergans Compact Light 3, make me some pancakes with bacon and enjoy the night. On the coming Monday I'm off to northern Norway again to do some geology fieldwork, and that concludes the end of my summer holiday.

This here is my friend Tone's dog Leo, a golden retriever, and the kindest, sweetest dog there is. Also, he's a complete food wreckage. He'll eat anything. Pics from our walk Thursday follows. And I'm still hooked on Instagram.
Looking down one of the smaller training ski-jumps in Granåsen.

My yummy-jummy blueberry jammy, from exactly (seriously, exactly!) 2000 grams of blueberries. I used sukrin instead of sugar since I consumate way too much sugar anyway, and the taste turned out surprisingly great.


  1. Herlig! Jeg klatrer gjerne igjen! Gleder meg til du er tilbake fra Nord-Norge igjen også :)

  2. Høres ut som en fantastisk uke, jeg vil også ha mer fri ;) God tur nordover, sees når du er hjemme igjen!

  3. hey silje,

    today i kind of have my "reading-in-siljes-blog-day" ;-)

    you have NO IDEA what you triggered in me with your comment that you used "SUKRIN": i spent some hours getting more information about sukrin, its chemical properties, other non-sugar-sweeteners and so on. and i found out, that exactly my home university was successfully experimenting with it, producing new, sugarfree food products. we have one department that is connected with home economics and food science/design.
    the only question that i was not able to answer: how "sustainable" or "really

    ecological" is the production of erythritol...?
    but i think for this i will talk to some people of this department after my return to hamburg :-)

    best greetings and wishes from st. petersburg!

    1. to be honest I have absolutely no idea how sustainable or not sukrin is, I wanted to try it out mainly to reduce my sugar comsumption. But, if it serves other goods as well, well, that's good :p