At work

I'm in Troms in northern Norway, working as a geological field assistant for Norway's Geological Survey. Arrived Monday, several hours later than planned after one plane being delayed then loosing the next one. 
We were supposed to be flown in with a helicopter into the middle of nowhere, well almost nowhere, there would have been a hunting cabin there, but anyway, plans were changed and now we’re staying at a hotel surrounded my military operations instead. Not as Bear Grylls as I was hoping for, but at least it made it easier to pack now that I knew I didn’t have to drag my luggage more than a maximum of 10 metres at a time. Huge suitcase it was! 

Still get to go hiking and be outside all day, though instead of a bonfire for breakfast, it’s hotel breakfast and we drive a bit before walking. Ten hours workdays, two weeks, I like it! Partially.

I didn't bring my DSLR, I am at work afterall, but a bit of instagramming and a compact camera is still valid I'd say. Here's from yesterday.

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