I bought a new sleeping bag and a new, fancy-schmancy sleeping mat while I was up on Svalbard, mainly bevause I didn't have any except for an old worn sleeping bag of my brothers from the seventies or eighties. And because I kinda of like buying things. At least Svalbard taught me that it is wiser to buy useful stuff rather than just pretty stuff, even though you can wear pretty stuff too. I never been one to buy ornate figurines or anything.

....Anyway, since I bought the bag and mat, I've slept outside, in a tent, once. And twice inside, on the floor. I'm trying to become more outdoorsy (more on that later) but old habits die hard. So tonight at least I am sleeping outside on my balcony. Roofed balcony. It's gonna rain tonight, but luckily the wind'll be blowing from behind the balcony area.

It's a comfortable, though not very summery 10 degrees celsius outside. Good night.
 I won't have any trees around me but at least I'll have my little lilac bush besides me.


  1. Outdorsy du, hehe! Hvordan var natten?

    1. Natten var veldig fin. Tok litt å sovne, men sov godt etter det :)

  2. Så herlig! Ordentlig kosekrok, jo! :)