Bologna: Day #1

Almost a month has past since I was in Bologna in Italy to participate in a hair show along with the four other girls I worked along with in London (see London tag, can't be bothered to make link) for Tigi. I took 1500 pictures during the 3-4 days I was there, and finally, finally, pics have been picked and will be posted. 

Day #1 was spent on aeroplanes and airports, especially fun was the five hours at Schiphol, arrived at the hotel around midnight that Friday.
 This is me, tired and fed up, waiting in a car at Bologna airport while the no-English-only-Italian-speaking driver is gone for an hour trying to find the other passanger he is supposed to pick up, but that passenger has already taken a taxi. Bastard.

 Out of the girls, I got the single room this time, and also, for some reason, the biggest room.

 I had a bidet! Never tried it while I was there though.

Stay tuned for more pictures later!

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