Chicago: Day #4

 No pictures or images here either. Only text, only text. It's cruel I know.

 Showtime! In x hours anyway… 

I am human, I learn from my mistakes and the lesson was: Bring laptop. Result: Chicago Day #2 and #3. Turned out that the McCormick Place (that’s where everything went down, you know, like, yeah, that’s it, like, cool) had free Wi-Fi. This post is written while I’m on the plane to Bologna via Amsterdam btw. 

The prepping part of this day is best told by looking at pictures which, I promise, will come later. Anyway, skinny bitches (i.e. anyone who is taller and thinner than me, also called models) everywhere, getting their hair done, make-up done, outfits fitted, lips pouted and nails painted while I’m getting my make-up done, hair coloured, outfit thrown in my lap (no fitting needed, wore one of the same outfits I wore at the shoot in London), blogging, eating enormous blueberry muffins, drinking tea, looking impressive while taking bad pictures with a good camera and trying not to feel like the pear among the celery. 

Everybody into the lifts, go backstage, wait while other groups do their thing, DIY collection (that’s us): go, go! We were given a light trim on stage while the TIGI hairdressers talk about our ‘dos. Wait for the other groups to finish, everybody on stage for finale, and were done. 

I was very surprised to discover that I was not nervous at all. We screwed up the routine slightly on stage, and I felt no rush when on stage. Disappointing. (Note: I was told later that the Chicago show was sort of just a rehearsal compared to the Bologna show that was to come. Bologna was the real important one, and I felt it. In Bologna the nerves were there, we did not screw up the routine and it was such a rush! Chicago: boring. Bologna: great fun!)

Sunday afternoon was spent in the hotel room and in the hotel bar.

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