The odd outfit-post

Spoiler alert: First batch of Bologna photos will be posted tomorrow!

Hello little darlings, unfaithful readers and the plain unfaithful. I was so pleased with my outfit here the other day that I actually made the effort of taking a photo of it.

I don't quite get how fashion bloggers and people who think they are fashion bloggers can be bothered to take their own picture up to every day. To me it usually just feels like a nuisance, having to shove the kitchen table out of the way, position the camera in the right height and distance, get the focus right when only looking at a white wall and runnuing back and forth pressing the timer-button.

Then again, I don't understand computer programming either.

Well, enough text. I realise that your brain capacity is limited.

As you can see, I am uncapable of choosing just one photo... Also! I have now, for some time, been looking for the perfect black shoeboot for spring. I found them a week ago and now they are mine. Mine! Love them to bits.


  1. Odd? Nonono, I really need to take you out into the real world. Besides, you need pinch more of breast.

  2. odd as in not often I do an outfit post. And my breast is fabulous and you know it! :p